Department of Cultural and Media Didactics

Camilla Badstübner-Kizik, PhD. D.Litt. – Head
Gabriela Gorąca-Sawczyk PhD - Assistant Professor
Marta Janachowska-Budych PhD – Assistant Professor
Elżbieta Dziurewicz PhD – Assistant Professor
Marta J. Bąkiewicz PhD - Assistent Professor
Grażyna Kunigiel-Trąpczyńska PhD – senior lecturer
Jan Korzeniewski PhD– senior lecturer
Kamila Chmielewska M.A. – PhD student
Anna Berezowska M.A. – PhD student

The research conducted within the Department centres around linguistic, cultural and didactic aspects of Foreign language media, focusing on:

1) Visual Media
  • Caricatures, cartoons, comics
  • Commercial Art, book illustrations, posters
2) Audial Media
  • Vocal music
  • Film music, sound tracks
  • Radio plays, audiobooks
3) Audiovisual media
  • Feature films
  • Animation, films for children
  • Documentaries, docu fiction
4) Virtual media
  • Multilingual information portals and Internet platforms
  • Multimedia learning environments
5) Material and non-material Sites and Realms of Memory as objects of foreign language and culture didactics

6) Public spaces in foreign language and cultural didactics
  • Linguistic Landscapes
  • Public urban spaces as external educational places
  • Virtual space and its impact on foreign language and culture didactics.
The following issues are of topical interest:
  • Educational and didactical  potential of the Linguistic and Semiotic Landscape
  • Aspects of intermediality, multimediality and multimodality
  • Intercultural relations and their different medial shapes 
  • Issues of cultural transfer in time and space through media
  • Linguistic and cultural conditions for media translation (focusing on literary and audiovisual translation)
  • Media and their general didactic impact on foreign language and culture didactics.

International Cooperation

The Members of the Department offer a wide range of B.A. and M.A. courses:
  • Culture and civilisation of the German language speaking area, Cultural memory and sites of memory of the German language speaking area
  • Foreign Language, Culture and Literature Didactics
  • Literature of the German language speaking area, Intercultural Literature
  • Film and Media of the German language speaking area
  • Cultural Awareness Training, Designing Intercultural Training
  • General German
  • Academic and functional texts in German
  • Translating specialist texts (German-Polish, Polish-German)
  • Audiovisual Translation
  • Literary Translation 
B.A. and M.A. seminars around the following topics:
  • Teaching German as a foreign language, Teaching foreign language culture, Media and literature didactics, Culture and civilisation of the German language speaking area, Cultural relations between Poland and the German language speaking area, Issues of literary and audiovisual translation, Issues of intercultural communication
Academic support of ILS student Reading Groups:
  • Section for Cultural Issues (Marta Janachowska-Budych, PhD)
  • Section for Media Issues (Camilla Badstübner-Kizik, PhD. D.Litt. / Kamila Chmielewska, M.A. / Anna Berezowska, M.A.)

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