About the Institute

The institute conducts research into applied linguistics with special focus on translation studies, contrastive studies, interdisciplinary research on discourse, intercultural communication, foreign language didactics and research methodology in applied linguistics.
Students can choose the following B.A. and M.A. majors:

• Foreign language didactics: teacher of German and English as a foreign language
• Translation studies - translator of German
texts on economy and law
interpreting, especially consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
• Intercultural communication and mediation - expert in intercultural communication and mediation. Job opportunities range from cultural manager, work in European institutions and organizations, publishing houses, media tourist agencies etc.
• Language assistant

After graduation, students can apply to take a Ph.D. programme.

German, English and Polish are the languages of instruction. Moreover, students can choose an additional foreign language course offered by the Adam Mickiewicz University School of Languages.

The institute participates in the ERASMUS program, cooperating with a number of foreign partner universities. The studies in the Institute of Applied Linguistics aim at combining theory and practice, which is why we offer numerous scholarships abroad for our students. Each student can spend one semester abroad in such countries as Austria, Croatia, Germany, Holland, Italy, Romania, Slovakia or Spain. This is a great opportunity for students to enhance their language skills. Moreover, varied work experience allows students to acquire skills useful in their future careers.

Our staff consists of experienced and highly qualified teachers and researchers from Poland and abroad. Since 1991 the institute has employed language instructors from the DAAD-German Academic Exchange Service.

The institute has a reading room, a well-equipped computer lab, a language lab, multimedia rooms and a room with booths for conference interpreting.

Since 1966 the Institute has published Glottodidactica. An International Journal of Applied Linguistics.
Since 2007 the Institute has published the book series “Język-Kultura-Komunikacja" [Language-Culture-Communication] and since 2001 the book series : “Posener Beiträge zur Angewandten Linguistik.”

A brief history
One of the forerunners of the Institute of Applied Linguistics was the Department of Applied Linguistics which was founded by prof. Ludwik Zabrocki, the first Chair of the Department, in 1964. The Department was a research unit, whose main aims were conducting academic research in the field of foreign language teaching and developing new teaching methods to meet new social demands. The Department belonged to the AMU Faculty of Letters/Humanities.

In 1966 prof. Zabrocki started a journal “Glottodidactica. A Journal of Applied Linguistics” (a yearly publication). As its editor, he raised the journal to a position of international prestige. The journal was a forum for exchanging thoughts and opinions about teaching and learning foreign languages.
The other institution that greatly contributed to the formation of the Institute of Applied Linguistics was the Institute of German Studies (earlier, the Department of German Languages), where prof. Pfeiffer worked from 1968 to 1975. On 1 September prof. Pfeiffer moved to the Institute of Linguistics, but still worked closely with the Institute of German Studies. In the years 1968 -1988 he was a curator of the Department of Teaching German as a Foreign Language in the Institute of German Studies.

In 1984 the Department of Applied Linguistics in the Institute of Linguistics changed its name to the Department of Foreign Language Didactics. In 1987, prof. Pfeiffer, with his closest colleagues, left the Institute of Linguistics and formed the Department of Foreign Language Didactics, which he chaired till January 1996. With time, the scope of research was extended to translation studies. In 1997 the department was renamed the Department of Glottodidactics and Translation Studies. The Department developed very rapidly and, in 2005, acquired the new status of the Institute of Applied Linguistics and operates as such until today.

Ph.D. studies See the following links for more detailed information about Ph.D. studies, admission rules, current regulations and the programme of studies:


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